Research ethics and integrity

Master’s theses are research publications. Thus, both the research process and the published thesis must follow guidelines for responsible conduct of research. For a concise summary, see the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (in English, pages 30-33). Mainly, it important to be honest about the methods, data and results, and about how much is your own work. There are specific requirements for experiments on human subjects and for handling personal data. When you have questions, talk with your supervisor and advisor.


Turnitin is a tool for practising scientific writing. It is a submission box where an originality report is generated of the submitted texts. It is especially used to check scientific texts in terms of unacknowledged borrowing without citation.

Using Turnitin is not required when submissing Master's thesis. Discuss also with your supervisor how they view it as a tool in your thesis process.

All students can enrol in MyCourses to Independent Turnitin Originality Check for Academic Year 2021-2022.

Read more about Turnitin and its use in Aalto in Into.

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