Personal work plan

By the 22nd of February you are expected to present a draft for a personal work plan (or "a statement of work”) concerning the second part of the studio. The work plan will be thereupon used as a guide throughout the course to monitor progress.

In the personal work plan you are asked to

  • Identify the purpose of the personal work plan: specify your own learning goals.
  • Delineate the scope and objectives of your personal assignment through describing the specific question(s) you are working on during the second part of the studio. Highlight the background of the assignment with a short preliminary introduction (on the basis of introductory lectures, seminars, workshops and preparatory and/or inventory team work carried out at the start of the studio session). You are asked to recite details or statistics from recent reports, identify problems that need to be addressed.
  • Outline the timetable, processes, deliverables and outcomes of your commitment.
  • Define the resources and also constraints - e.g. time to be devoted on this project in its all phases. Please be realistic in this!
  • Define the extent of credits.

Please note that the maximum amount of tutored hours is 50 and it includes lectures, seminars, field trips, workshops, desk crits, and all the review sessions etc.. During the whole course there may be organised sessions more than that, but in your personal work plan you can include only those 50 hours. The amount of independent work in a studio unit is to be 190-270 hrs.

You are warmly encouraged to draft your work plan in English: at least the most essential parts (the topic, working methods and personal schedule) are to be in English.

Examples of work plans from the previous studios you can find here.

Submit your draft here.

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