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8.1. Customer analysis Who would buy it? Teppo, Meri, Maurice
15.1. Usability How can it be used?  Teppo
22.1. Dismantling What does it consist? Eetu
29.1. Functionality How does it work? Kevin/Teppo
4.2.  Homework deadline CES Edupack  
5.2. Materials   What is it made of?  Teppo
5.2. Product review deadline    
11.2. Homework deadline Production methods task  
12.2. Means of production  How is it made?  Teppo
19.2. Exam week Writing workshops Maurice
26.2. Excursion
Arinatie 10, Helsinki
4.3. Value Where does the value come from? Kevin
11.3. Components of cost and price Where do the costs come from? Meri
18.3. Intangible values: Marketing, packaging semiotics Who is selling the product? Meri / Markus
25.3. Easter    
1.4. Preparation for presentation   Maurice / Teppo
8.4. Final presentations and Feedback session    
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