There are two interim reports. These do not involve much work and are in place to help you achieve a good final project.  Do as good a job as you can on them though, as they are my opportunity to give you early feedback to help the project be as good as possible

Interim Report #1

Compile a short PowerPoint presentation, and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the scope of the project? I.e. what are you looking at? What is the focal venture?
  2. How will you collect the required information you need?
  3. What is your plan between now and the final report date?
  4. Which group members will do what?
  5. What can your possible issues be?

Interim Report #2

Submit a 1-1.5 page summary of your project work thus far. Try to ensure you have something to say for all of the major sections of the report. Do not worry about this being complete, as this obviously is not the final product.  Indeed, the whole point here is for me to give you feedback on how to best spend your time between now and the final report due date. So, just give me a general sense of the current state of your work.

Additionally, include a list of the most important questions on which you would like feedback; tell me what I can help you with.

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