Feedback for revised problem definitions


- Objectives should be formulated such that they 1) relate to end-users and 2) can be measured. For this end, tasks (functions) should be decided early.

- To elaborate research problems, texture space should be determined. What are the aspects of texture that people can distinguish in general?


- Design objectives are clear.

- Design space should be elaborated. 

- Do these decisions allow you to improve on the objectives you defined?

- You will benefit from reading papers about 'persuasive computing'


- Objectives should include expressivity of communication

- "Optimise” is not an objective but a method

- By "mental map”, do you refer to memorability?

- You should elaborate design space, esp. "output”

- Research questions miss the visual communication of meaning via icons

Last modified: Sunday, 24 January 2016, 3:29 PM