Wed 3.5. 16:15 - 19:30, CS-building hall T1 and Sodexo restaurant
16:15 Summary of the course, grades (T1)
16:30 Demos of Top-3 Accenture Quality Award finalists (T1):

  • Team 5 - Mafy
  • Team 7 - Beamex
  • Team 8 - Komu Homes

17:40 Announcing the winner of the Accenture Quality Award (T1)
17:45 Project Gala & Food and drinks (CS building lobby & restaurant)


Demos of Top-3 Accenture Quality Award finalists

  • Prepare a 20 min presentation (preferably in English, a shorter version of the PR3 presentation).
  • Target audience is the other students.
  • Focus on the software demo. Describe clearly the usage context and intended users.
  • Tell briefly about technologies, architecture, best work practices & tools, and the quality of the product and project.
  • The winner is decided before the gala, i.e. this presentation no more affects the selection.

Project Gala

All teams will have a stand next to the CS building Sodexo restaurant:

  • course personnel brings the printed posters (see examples) attached to boards, and a small table for each team
  • each team brings device(s) with their software running on them
  • 1-2 team members at a time should be present at their stand during the gala
  • let the other students try your software, and tell them about your project
  • the rest of the team can visit the other stands and enjoy the food and drinks


  • content: project goal, client, main sw features, technologies, ...
  • format: A1 size PDF, max. 20MB, no background color (=use white background)
  • filename: start with the team number (e.g. "09_Aalto")
  • printing: send the PDF by e-mail to by Thu 20.4., and the course personnel will print it

Food and drinks:

  • there will be food and drinks available during the gala 
  • registration DL Wed 12.4. to ensure enough food and drinks for everyone 


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