Project Proposal - [Name of the project]

  • Name this file as "CompanyName_Client'sLastname.pdf" and submit the file or a link to jari.vanhanen (at)
  • Recommended length: 1-2 pages
  • Do not include any confidential material that cannot be published on the course web page
  • See examples from last year

1. Introduction

  • Background and context of the project. Explain why the product is being built (the business view), and who will be the end users.

2. Project goals

  • What is actually to be done in this project? Describe its main goals and outcomes.

3. Technologies

  • What are the recommended or required implementation technologies and development tools? Or should the student team select them?
  • How confident are you about the suitability of the required technologies and can you provide any support with them?

4. Requirements for the students

  • Any special skills desired or required from the students.
  • Briefly describe your opinion on the difficulty of the topic (domain, technologies): easy, moderate, or demanding.

5. Legal Issues

Remove below either 1 or 2 regarding both IPR and confidentiality. Confidentiality obligation is always part of the default contract (see section 8), but here you can inform whether such information is really shared in the project. 

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):

  1. The results are published under open source license X (name the license, if already known)
  2. The client gets all IPRs to the results.
  1. The client will share some confidential information with the students. 
  2. The client will not share any confidential information with the students. 
  • Any other legal issues, e.g. if the default contract template does not cover something that needs to be agreed 

6. Client

  • Short introduction of the client organization
  • Who are the representatives of the client and and what is their level of expertise in the project domain and technologies?
  • How much time are they prepared to spend guiding the team?
  • Does the client offer the team any resources such as a working room, a cloud server, computers/other necessary devices, software?
Client representative(s)
  • Product Owner / Technical specialist / ... (role & expertise related to it)
  • Firstname Lastname
  • N.N. (at)
  • +358 40 123 456
  • Konemiehentie 2, 00076 AALTO
Preselected Student Team Members
  • List students here (max. 5), if they have been selected before the proposal is published, e.g., because they work for the client organization.

7. Additional information

  • Any other details, if needed.

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