This course focuses on the engineering master's thesis, as well as provides you with feedback on three chapters from your thesis. Completing all parts of this course typically requires 3-6 months, depending on your own commitment as well as the availability of teachers (Please note that from 11.06.-31.07.2023, no teachers may be available to provide you with feedback. For example, if you join this course in Periods III-V, it is likely that your passing the course will be delayed until after summer 2023!). Therefore, it is recommended that you enroll into this course at the beginning of the second year of your master’s studies. Although formal approval of your thesis topic is not required to enroll into this course, your thesis topic must be accepted by your school before you can submit parts of your thesis for feedback (See the section "How to enroll" below). You can enroll into this course at any time during the academic year 2022-23.


What is the aim and organisation of this course?

How to enroll into the course?

How to get started?

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