The story of my future

First, spend five minutes by reflecting the best possible future, a reality when your dreams have come true and your life is fulfilling. 

Write about the situation where your dreams have become a reality. Write in a present tense as if it were already true.

Use strong positive words, forget NOT’S ("I’m not in a hurry.")  => "I can manage my own time." Remember that you get what you order: if you write "I have time for exercising" you only get the time slot. If you write "I exercise two times a week", the action is already there.

Create a picture of a situation where your life is satisfying and meaningful.  What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? What does life taste like and what colors and scents do you sense? Which year and season is it? In which country are you and who are the people around you? Also describe your dream job as accurately as you can. If the dream job is difficult to know now, write about what kind of things your day includes. Do you want to plan, develop, invent, manage, defend, lead, build, coordinate, negotiate, or resolve some issues? How much interaction with other people is there in your workday? How is technology present in your work?

Don’t try to predict the future. Instead, prepare for many different futures. That way, no matter what happens in the future, you have reflected your own values and the elements of life that should be an integral part of your future.


The duration of the task is about 20 minutes.

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