Omfattning: 3

Tidtabel: 26.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

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This is generally about 3D animation. Subjects covered are: modeling, animating, texturing, lighting, rendering.

The goal is to understand the process of creating 3D, and get some idea about what’s it like to work in 3D.

It’s basically hands-on all the time, step-by-step tutored excercises, with lecturing and daily animations.

There’s a small homework to do every day, and it will be checked the next morning.

Software: Maya

Tilläggsinformation om kursen (gäller denna kursomgång): 

If you plan to take (DOM-E5014) 3D Animation- course and are new to 3D,

you should take this introduction. It will make it significantly easier

to start and stay on track in the longer and more demanding course.

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Classroom U256, Otakaari 1

9:15-15:00 every day


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