The Opinnäytteet - Theses workspace is created for a person who advises or supervises thesis at the different degree levels and is given the role of 'teacher' in the workspace. Students and doctoral candidates submit their thesis drafts via this workspace to get comments on their work from their advisor or supervisor. A Turnitin similarity report is generated on making a submission. Both the student and the teacher can exploit the report to check whether good practices in scientific writing have been followed when citing other people's work. The teacher can comment on the version directly in the submitted file online and also orally in a meeting.

A student can also submit a draft independently in the workspace to get a Turnitin similarity report. The teacher can be consulted if needed.

If instructions require thesis versions to be submitted in another teacher-led Turnitin activity in MyCourses (for example, a bachelor's thesis seminar workspace), primarily use that workspace.