• The outline includes the course learning outcomes, grading criteria, assignments and course schedule.

  • Please upload your in-class test answers here.

  • Please upload (1) your strategy outline, (2) preview slide, (3) 2-3 questions you have related to the presentation at least 24 hours before our consultation session.

    Consultation times:

    13.00 Team 3

    13.30 Team 1

    14.00 Team 2

    14.30 Team 4

    15.15 Team 5

    15.45 Team 6

    16.15 Team 7

  • This course involves a great deal of group work, so for grading purposes it's important for me to get an idea of how much members of your team have contributed. Please use the form to evaluate your own and others' contribution to your group work. Upload your evaluations to the folder provided. Thanks.