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    Welcome to Research Assignment course, Fall 2016!

    First register yourself to the course lecture module (this MyCourses site) as a student. The link to register is found at the bottom of this page. Read on for more instructions.


    If you have assignment submission problems, i.e. cannot find the submission box, or cannot find materials, check that you are registered to this work space. Look for the sign up link in the end of this page. If you see it, the odds are that you are not registered.

    This is the shared lecture module for the courses:

    To participate on a course, you must register to one of the above mentioned courses and this lecture module.

    Lecturers: Saara Brax, Eerikki Mäki, Koenraad Heimeriks

    Teaching period: I-III, III-V (Autumn and Spring)

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will learn how to apply research methods and scientific thinking in problem solving.
    • Students will learn how to define and specify adequate research objectives and research questions in the subject area of Industrial Management.
    • Students will understand the basics of gathering data and how to systematically conduct the research.
    • Students will be able to analyze empirical data, report the results, and evaluate the quality (reliability and validity) of empirical research.


    The lecture module (about 54 hours) includes lectures, reading materials, and examination, and is held jointly with three Majors (i.e., courses TU-E1090 - Research Assignment in Strategy and VenturingTU-E2090 - Research Assignment in Operations and Service ManagementTU-E3090 - Research Assignment in Leadership and Knowledge Management). This lecture module forms Part 1 of these four courses. Part 2 of the courses are empirical research assignments, which are instructed separately for each course. Students participating any of the courses must register for both the respective course and this lecture module.


    • Week 1 Wed 14.09.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)
    • Week 2 Wed 21.09.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)
    • Week 3 Wed 28.09.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)
    • Week 4 Wed 05.10.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)
    • Week 5 Wed 12.10.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)
    • Week 6 Wed 19.10.2016 at 10-12 in TU3 (TUAS-building, Maarintie 8)


    The exam is carried out as an open books exam which is synchronized with the lectures. During the lectures, we post an exam question related to the lecture themes (one question per week). The written answer to the question is due upon the next lecture (more detailed information will be available in due course). Possible required readings are announced for each lecture on the lecture pages.