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  • CEMS Global Strategy, 6 ects

    Change seems to be the normal condition of organizational life. Continuously changing operating environments, competitive landscapes, and legislative infrastructures, together with unpredictable shifts in customer behavior and technological development, all pose significant strategic challenges to contemporary business organizations. And to cope with these changes, organizations engage in a myriad of strategic change projects, constantly inventing and implementing new strategies, policies, and practices for carrying out their mundane operative activities.

    The objective of this course is two-fold: on the one hand it aims at introducing the traditional process-based perspective on global strategic management and on the other hand we discuss strategizing in an environment, where change can be seen as the norm, instead as something extraordinary. The students will also hear, analyze and discuss live cases with industry representatives. The course enables the students to start building their own strategy toolkit, and even more importantly, their personal philosophy to strategizing. 

    The course aims at supporting the development of students’ strategic thinking so that they in turn can contribute to the achievement of sustainable growth for their organisations. The course is set up as a combination of theory focused sessions, company visits and student centered exercises and presentations. Hence, the course is taught using a combination of lectures, outside guest speakers, class discussions, case analysis and assignments. It will follow an interactive learning oriented approach with multiple real firm and industry cases presented by and discussed with visitors from industry and consultancy firms. 

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