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      As an introduction to the first contact session, please write a short essay based on the questions below. The length of the essay is approximately 1 page. Please submit the essay to this submission box by 12 noon on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. In addition, please print out the text and bring it with you to the first face-to-face session on March 10.

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      In the second contact session, we will focus on curriculum planning.

      As the pre-assignment, please

      1. select one course in which you act as the responsible teacher and bring the course syllabus, preferably in the recommended Aalto BIZ syllabus format (see attached file in this submission box) to the contact session. Also, please upload the syllabus to this submission box by 12 noon on March 22, 2017.

      2. read the attached article "Planning teaching and learning - Curriculum design and development” (Stefani, L. 2009, p. 40-57. In A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education: enhancing academic practice (ed. Fry, H., Ketteridge, S. and Marshall, S.).

      3. read one of the following attached / linked articles (the one assigned to you, see below). Be prepared to teach the contents to the rest of the class on March 24.

      Topic 1. Meri, Jack, Emma, Henrika: Inductive learning. Click to open the resource.

      Topic 2. Asatiani, Hertta, Niina Mallat, Paul, Venkata: Students' workload (pages 9-39). Click to open the resource.

      Topic 3. Niina Nurmi, Miikka, Olga, Marta: Learning assessment, see the attached Hunt & Chalmers -article.

      Topic 4. Virpi, Tapani, Natalia, Jukka: Teaching methods (pages 34-55). Click to open the resource.

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      Plan a 10-minute interactive teaching session for the other students in the course. In class, we will then divide you into four smaller groups, and you will all get the opportunity to deliver your 10-minute session to other students.

      You can freely choose what you want the other students to learn in your small session, e.g. something from your own field or something completely different, as long as you focus on teaching it somehow interactively, not through traditional lecturing.

      Upload your plan here by 12 noon on April 5. Also, bring it to class if you need it to deliver the session.

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      Read the attached cases.

      Then, answer the questions below for both cases.

      Please note that you only need to upload your answers to case 2 (Kone) to this submission box; bring your notes on case 1 (John Nurminen) to class on April 28. In the contact session, Tiina Ritvala will demonstrate how she would teach the John Nurminen case in class, and you will have the opportunity to experience this from a student's perspective. You will be expected to participate actively, so it is important that you think about your answers beforehand.

      Case 1 - John Nurminen Foundation in Russia

      Watch the video at . Then, consider the following questions individually before our class:

      1.      What are the key goals and principles that the Foundation is using for creating social (environmental) value?

      2.      What were the key success factors and challenges of the partnership between the foundation and Vodokanal?

      3.      Going forward, what advice would you give the foundation for continuing its work given the economic and political turmoil in the region?

      4.      Consider a social problem important to you. What kind of lessons could you draw from this case?

      Case 2 - Kone

      Please be prepared to discuss the following questions related to the attached teaching case with dean Ingmar Björkman, who will teach the afternoon session on April 28.

      1. What do you think works well in terms of KONE’s global talent management activities?
      2. Critically evaluate KONE’s global talent management activities. What kinds of improvements should KONE still make? Why?

      Please also be prepared to discuss the following questions:

      1. How would you prepare for teaching this particular case?
      2. What would be your teaching objectives, teaching methods and expectations of class performance?
      3. If you wanted to write a case on a company from your field, what do you expect the different tasks / stages in the entire process would be?
      4. If you wrote a case, what do you think the main challenges would be?

      Upload your answers to Case 2 (Kone) here by 12 noon on April 26, 2017, and bring your notes on Case 1 (John Nurminen) to class on April 28.

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      Upload your group's abstract here before the start of the contact session in which you'll deliver the 20-minute session. One assignment per group is enough.

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      The aim of the course has been to help you develop your own teaching and courses to support student learning in the best possible way. The final assignment encourages you to concretize what you have learned. Therefore, the assignment consists of the following three parts:


      1.       MyCourses workspace for the course you are teaching
      Prepare the MyCourses workspace for the course that you are teaching so that it is ready for the next teaching round.
      To be able to do this, change your role to "advanced teacher" to be able to access all the features available in MyCourses.
      The MyCourses workspace should include at least the following:
      • ready structure: what topics will you have in the left sidebar (check with department head if department has a standard structure)
      • course syllabus (see point 2 below)
      • assignment descriptions and submission boxes
      • materials - where will you have them?
      • any other features that you would like to incorporate into the workspace (check all possible activities)

      2.       Enhanced course syllabus for the course you are teaching
      Finalize the syllabus for the course that you are teaching based on what you have learned and the feedback that you received on the syllabus during the course.


      3.       Detailed plan for the opening session of the course that you are responsible for
      The opening session of any course is of critical importance to motivate the students. Write a concrete plan of the first session of your course. Address e.g. the following issues:
      • What issues will you cover?
      • What materials will you use?
      • How will you motivate students to learn?
      • How will you manage time during the session?

      Please upload the following to this submission box as one document by noon on May 15, 2017:
      • link to the MyCourses workspace of your course (add Päivi and Christa as students to your workspace)
      • course syllabus
      • detailed plan for the opening session

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