Topic outline

  • If you are going to proceed the course "Teaching assistant as a learning instructor (2 ECTS)", please follow these instuctions and make the assignments! After the enrolment and the first teaching session, participants are divided to home groups (3-6 members) by the teaching staff.

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      Home groups A, B, C, and D in spring 2017 Page
      Not available unless: You belong to a group in Home groups
    • The reading task in Learning Assignment #1 is Chapter 2, "Teaching according to how students learn", p. 16-33.

      The e-book is available by Aalto Library (max 6 simultaneous Aalto users). You may even download parts of that as PDF and print up to 100 pages, e.g., Chapter 2. Paper copies are available by request.

    • The visibility of the discussion forum is restricted to home group members and instructors.

      • FIRST POST(S): Introduce yourself to others in the group by sending a greeting message. Decide and publish the date and place of your group meeting, e.g., using Doodle
      • BEFORE the actual meeting, every participant writes here at least 2 comments or questions you find interesting according to the article.
      • LEARNING CIRCLE:  You can start by presenting comments or questions of the posts. Discuss on the topic. In the end of the session, a group sends a summary into forum.
    • The reading task in Learning Assignment #2 is Section 3 "Kuinka luon oppimista tukevat puitteet?" of the book "Innostu ja onnistu opetuksessa". There's also an English version available.

    • The reading task in Learning Assignment #2 is Section 3 "How do I create an environment that supports learning?" of the book "Get Inspired!". There's also a Finnish version available.

    • You may observe and reflect on a teaching situation with your own words, or use the following form.

    • "Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding" is a 19-minute award-winning short-film about teaching at university and higher-level educational institutions. It is based on the "Constructive Alignment" theory developed by Prof. John Biggs. The film delivers a foundation for understanding what a teacher needs to do in order to make sure all types of students actually learn what the teacher intends.

      Part 1/3: Meet Susan and Robert, deep and surface learning, and three levels what students are, what teachers are, and what students do.

    • Part 2/3: Active learning as a tool for deep understanding. SOLO taxonomy.