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  • Welcome to build your future in the world of work!


    This self-help material is designed to help you to process the key elements of career planning individually. 

    1. Stop to think about your experiences and put your past, present and future into a perspective
    2. Find your motivation factors and inner drivers
    3. Understand your basic values
    4. Find words for your personal strengths
    5. Analyse your skills
    6. Find accomplishments and achievements that promote your personality
       The reflection so far should help you to make good job search documents that you can save here
    7. Combine your reflection so far to a large story of life portrait which has a deeper meaning and which fosters decision making
    8. Make a step-by step action plan to make the story of your future a reality
    9. Ensure that your wellbeing supports achieving the desired future


    The sequence of exercises is numbered. You can do them in the same order or you can choose only the ones that appeal to you most and seem to help you. Having completed an exercise, reflect the results. What do the results of that reflection add to your self-awareness, your current thinking and goals of a good future as an individual and as a member of a society? How can you use the results? What will you do next?

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