Topic outline

  • All the teaching material is collected here, including slides and extra information on day's theme. The materials will be updated during the course.

    • Contact Session #1: Interaction and Constructive feedback (8./12.1.2018)

    • Contact Session #2: Different approaches to learning (13.2.2018)

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      You can use the Presemo polling system in Aalto. Just create a new poll and you get short instructions by mail. Other instructions can be found in => Presemo .

      Today, in the contact session, we used the poll which used a voting option. Presemo is totally anonymous tool. Below, you can see the results ("Screen") from the voting questions, what's your best advice for a TA.

    • Contact Session #3: Motivation (8.3.2018)

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    • Additional material in Spring 2018

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      "Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding" is a 19-minute award-winning short-film about teaching at university and higher-level educational institutions. It is based on the "Constructive Alignment" theory developed by Prof. John Biggs. The film delivers a foundation for understanding what a teacher needs to do in order to make sure all types of students actually learn what the teacher intends.

      Part 1/3: Meet Susan and Robert, deep and surface learning, and three levels what students are, what teachers are, and what students do.

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      Part 2/3: Active learning as a tool for deep understanding. SOLO taxonomy.