Topic outline

  • In lecture hall KPMG (U262) in Otakaari 1 - this is in U-wing in the 2.floor

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      Four different groups and topics

      Write your own group's results under your own topic

      1. What is reflection?

      2. Why should a teacher reflect on his/her teaching and teaching competence?

      3. How and when to reflect? Share good practices.

      4.  Alone or together? What are the pros and cons of reflecting alone or together?

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      Please read and go through the slides of CS 3.

      In the assignment, would you please

      a. write your ideas and thoughts about reflection (PLS see groupwork slide nbr 23).

      b. read material about teacher's competence and do your own "spider model" of your own teaching competence.

      c. based on part B. do a draft of development plan (brief)  for your teaching competence development (based on your strengts/areas needed for development.

      The length of the assignment is appr. 1,5- 2 A4 pages.

      DL 23.4.2018