Topic outline

  • 1. The participants can work towards their personal objectives by setting a common objective for the group

    2. Discuss and agree the timetable and actions to achieve your objective

    • At least two meetings during the course, preferably three.
    • Meetings may be f2f or virtual, between the teaching sessions.
    • What kind of actions would support you to achieve your objectives?
    3. Make a plan for the meetings in order to further your objectives.
    • For instance:
    • 1st meeting: clarify objectives, divide tasks, planning of how to report the outcomes, check your timetables
    • 2nd meeting: discussion on discovered answers, new viewpoints, new ideas and integration of viewpoints as well as planning the presentation of group objectives, process and outcomes for the last face-to-face teaching session

    4. Write / draw / record a summary of each meeting & the final outcome on MyCourses. Agree who is writing the summary each time. What did you discuss? What has been done? What are your next steps/actions?

    5. Plan the demonstration for the last teaching session (7.6.2018). Try to plan a demonstration that activate the others in the class. You are free to choose the form of demonstration. You can have some ideas of different kinds of teaching methods e.g. Hyppönen & Linden: Handbook for teachers - course structures, teaching methods and assessment pages  34-55 from  Be ready to discuss how your peer group worked.

    Time for demonstration is 20 min + 10 min discussion/feedback.

    • Peer-group work -wiki pages