• Topics

    • Different global leadership competencies
    • In-class assignment: Case 4
    • GuestJohanna Saarinen, Head of Talent Management, Bayer


    1. Ng, K.Y., Van Dyne, L. and Ang, S. (2009) From experience to experiential learning: Cultural intelligence as a learning capability for global leader development. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 8(4), 511-526.
    2. Björkman, I., and Mäkelä, K. (2013). Are you willing to do what it takes to become a senior global leader? Explaining the willingness to undertake challenging leadership development activities. European Journal of International Management, 7(5), 570-586. 
    3. Caligiuri, P. and Tarique, I. (2012). Dynamic cross-cultural competencies and global leadership effectiveness. Journal of World Business, 47, 612-622.

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      2.     Questions/issues that you would like to discuss during the session, as well as reasons why you think these questions/issues are worthy of discussion.


      Format: 200-250 words per chapter/article

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