Topic outline

  • The whole chapter if not mentioned otherwise. The chapters written in italics are supplementary.

    Chan Carusone, Johns, Martin: Analog Integrated Circuit Design 2nd Ed., John Wiley, 2013.
    First edition by Johns, Martin (1997) has different chapter numbers.
    Chapter 11.1-3: Sample and Holds, Voltage References, and Translinear Circuits, p. 444-456
    Chapter 13: Discrete-Time Signals
    Chapter 14: Switched-Capacitor Circuits
    Chapter 15: Data Converter Fundamentals
    Chapter 16: Nyquist-Rate D/A Converters
    Chapter 17: Nyquist-Rate A/D Converters
    Chapter 18: Oversampling Converters
    Chapter 12: Continuous-Time Filters (supplementary)

    Gregorian, Temes: Analog MOS Integrated Circuits for Signal Processing, John Wiley, 1986.
    Chapter 5: Switched-Capacitor Filters
    Chapter 7: Nonideal Effects in Switched-Capacitor Circuits

    Toumazou, Lidgey, Haigh: Analogue IC design: the current-mode approach, Peter Peregrinus Ltd., 1990.
    Chapter 9: Continuous-time OTA-C Filters

    Razavi: Principles of Data Conversion System Design, IEEE PRESS, 1995.
    Chapter 4: Basic principles of digital-to-analog conversion (supplementary)
    Chapter 5: Digital-to-analog converter architectures (supplementary)

    And topics from lectures and exercises.

    You can also use Allen-Holberg instead of Johns-Martin, although the presentation in Johns-Martin is somewhat more thorough and easier to follow.

    Allen, Holberg: CMOS Analog Circuit Design, 2nd Ed., Oxford University Press, 2002.
    Chapters 4.5, 4.6: Current and Voltage References, Bandgap Reference
    Chapter 9: Switched Capacitor Circuits
    Chapter 10: Digital-Analog and Analog-Digital Converters