Topic outline

  • Self-grading the assignments

    Based on the criteria given in the model answers, you will grade, by yourself, your own assignments, during the next week after the submission deadline. You submit your grading by adding a comment to your submission in the following format, containing the total number of points (SELFGRADE), followed by how many points you got from each task. After that you can add free-form feedback, especially if you didn't understand something either in the exercise or the model answers.

    You are encouraged to discuss and ask about the model answers and exercises in the forum as well, as long as you don't give away entire solutions before the submission deadline. You may use the comment field for other comments as well, but please include the SELFGRADE-keyword in all caps, so we can find the grading easily.

    You can also ask details about the evaluation criteria at the end of Tuesday's lecture at 13:45-14:00.

    Example self-grading comment:


    SELFGRADE: Total 4.5 points

    Task 1: 2.5 points:

          - Task 1.1:  1 point

          - Task 1.2:  1.5 points

    Task 2: 2.0 points:

          - Task 2.1:  1 point

          - Task 2.2:  1 point

    I didn't understand what was meant in Task 1.2., so I couldn't finish it. After reading the excellent model solution it dawned on me that I was just misreading the task.

    In Task 2, I got all requirements correctly to get the points, but I noticed something weird in how the tachyon flux was derived, compared to Brown, E. & McFly, M., 2015.


    End of example.