Topic outline

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      1. Reading task: Get Inspired. A guide for successful teaching. Chapters 4 and 5, pp. 27-49. - this is to support you when you write your teaching practice plan, we do not do any groupwork based on this!

      2. Write a plan for your teaching practice and submit it on MyCourses by 26.10.2018  Print 4 copies of your teaching plan and take them with you to contact session.

          Instructions can be found on MyCourses (Written plan for the Teaching practice: Inbox & guidelines)
      3.  Write your learning log 3 (your individual reflections of this session's substance), DL 30.10.2018
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      AllWell-survey - Students' study well-being at Aalto University

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      Topic: Videos for teaching and learning?

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      The aim of the learning logs is to focus and follow your learning and become aware of your thought processes.

      •Learning log is a reflective writing concerning the topics presented in the contact sessions. It is a unique record of your thinking and learning during the course.
      • The length of the reflection is appx.  0,5-1 A4 page.

      In the learning log you can think and write for example:

      •What were your thoughts after the teaching session?
      •What supported your learning in the teaching session?
      •What kind of thoughts and ideas arouse to you concerning the themes presented?
      •How can you apply these ideas to your own teaching?
      •Where would you like to focus in the future? etc.
      The logs are visible only for the teachers.
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      Wellbeing efforts at Industrial Engineering and Management