Topic outline

  • For your peer group meetings:

    • Make a plan for the meetings in order to further your objectives. For instance:
    • 1st meeting: clarify objectives, divide tasks, planning of how to report the outcomes...
    • 2nd meeting: discussion about found answers, new viewpoints, new ideas and integration of viewpoints as well as planning the presentation of group objectives, process and outcomes for the last face-to-face teaching session
    • Write a summary of each meeting & the final outcome on MyCourses (agree on who in your group does this) on your groups discussion area.


    Peer groups are presenting a group work/findings/outcomes at the last contact teaching session 7.11.2018

    • Plan and implement, as a group, about 20 min (+10 min for discussion) "teaching session" to the whole group in order to teach the others something you have learnt.
    • Familiarize yourselves with different kinds of teaching methods (for example Hyppönen & Linden: Handbook for teachers - course structures, teaching methods and assessment pages  34-55) and choose an appropriate method for your session.

    Targets (three-fold)

    • To activate and teach your peers in the course, but hopefully not "one-direction way = you/your group speak, others are passively listening"
    • to offer your peers new learning experiences on a topic they would not know so much/OR with your presentation wake up their interest to use something new in their own teaching
    • To learn about some new (pedagogical topic) yourselves and to utilize that knowledge (or materials) later on in your own teaching, when usually you would  not have so much time to get acquainted with teaching methods/pedagogical issues. Take advantage of this time in the course!


    • the topics, which were in the walls, were quite large - you as a group decide  & can make your topic more narrow (hopefully based on your group's mutual decision)
    • you can include, for instance, a list of references into your presentation, = a list of those articles/books/internet links ETC. which you used when preparing this.
    • Afterwards, the list is a good help for you and all of your peers in the course when you have some time to go back to these topics (e.g. when renewing your own course's methods)