Topic outline

  • Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • recognize different tools of educational technology 
    • select appropriate educational technology tools /methods for your course
    • justify your choices and explain the added value of educational technology in your course

    During this module, your learning assignments are (4):

    1. Get to know different digital tools for teaching at the latest 17.5.2019

    • In this section you can find introductory material for the following tools: Panopto, MyCourses, Presemo & Turnitin.
    • Read and watch videos about these tools. Test them, if you are able to. When you have familiarized yourself with a tool, you can mark it completed by clicking the gray cube on it.
    • If you have questions or you'd like to receive guidance, please notice the link Information systems for teaching and their email addresses below the topic Useful links. Messages to those addresses are read and answered by specialists in Aalto's ICT for Learning team.

    2. Theme discussion DL 13.5.-17.5.2019 (Find your group's Theme discussion forum under Peer Groups and activities -topic on the left)

    3. Course plan: Peer feedback from course plan version 3.0 DL 13.-17.5.2019 and continue course plan version 4.0 DL 31.5.2019

    A. Peer feedback DL 13.-17.5.2019: 
    *  This is the version (3.0) your peers (2 persons) are going to give peer feedback about (in your own groups' Course Plan -forum). 
    *  You will be informed about feedback chains in your Forum on previous week. 
    *  When you give feedback on course plans, you may use the following questions to guide your work:
               **   Read the ILOs (intended learning outcomes) – are they written from the students’ perspective, do they state at which level ( e.g. Bloom taxonomy) student should be                   after the course?
               **  Pay attention to constructive alignment: can you see the connection between ILOs, assessment and teaching methods, content, used materials?
               **  You can also comment on other parts of the course plan

    B. Continue your Course Plan version 4.0 DL 31.5.2019 
    *  How do you use digital tools/platforms in your course? 
    *  What kind of added value it provides?
    *  Give also justifications for using chosen tools.

    4. Group's Case-working DL for case-writing 18.5.2019 and DL for case-solution 2.6.2019 

    * Continue to write your group's case. More information about Case-working in Group's own area (Peer Groups and activities, on the left)

    • After 18.5.2019 your group gets a case assignment and you are to record a short video about solving it DL 2.6.2019. There are many ways to record a video and to share it, but Panopto is introduced here in a way that can be helpful in this. You are of course also free to use other means of recording and sharing a video, if they are already familiar to you (e.g. sharing in YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox).
    • If you'd like to receive guidance or if you have questions about Panopto, please contact Jukka Välimäki (
    • Learning materials: Digital tools for teaching

      What kind of use of educational technology would support achieving the intended learning outcomes? How to utilize technology to create flexible learning processes? How to scaffold learning activities to students? How to make materials and different tools for learning accessible?

      These are questions about the use of educational technology. It's not just about how the teacher uses the devices, but about knowing the goals, designing the learning process and supporting students in the related activities.

      You can also use other solutions of educational technology than the ones listed below. However, Aalto's official support is only available for Aalto's official tools. If you expect students to use other digital tools, in addition to teaching students how to use them you must also ensure that these tools do not collect unauthorized information from their users.
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      In this course you are required to make a video about your group's case. There are many ways to create and share a video, but Panopto is one you can choose: Record a video with your mobile phone, upload it via Panopto application and share it in the Panopto web service.

      Here you can find more detailed instructions to these steps and more information about Panopto.

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      MyCourses is Aalto University's digital learning environment. This very page is in the MyCourses. Each course has a MyCourses workspace that can be used to send out announcements, share material, receive student submissions, grade student work and give feedback.

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      What can you do with MyCourses or how does some feature of it work? Here you can find ~20min videos about educational technology, mainly about MyCourses.
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      Presemo is a web-based lecture participation system. The students participate by opening the student view in their mobile device's web browser and interacting with lecturer-initiated activities such as chat, polls or voting.

      This link takes you to the Presemo instructions, but Aalto University's Presemo sessions are registered here:

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      Turnitin is a tool for enhancing skilful writing and preventing plagiarism. In practise, it is a submission inbox for papers. Turnitin checks texts against comparison databases for similarity and generates a similarity report.

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      Exam is a service for electronic evaluation of learning. With it students can take exams at times suitable for them. First the teacher creates the exam in the Exam system, then the student registers for the exam and makes the place reservation in the exam room (2 rooms at Otanimi). When the student has taken the test in a supervised Exam room the teacher receives an automatic email, is able to assess the submission and to give feedback.

      Behind this link you can find instruction to the Exam software. You can reach to Exam management by email:

    • Useful links

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      Especially the section: Training to support digital teaching

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      For whom: teaching staff
      Where: Harald Herlin Learning Centre, downstairs in Studio
      When: Wednesdays, from 12 noon to 3 pm, starting from 20.3.2019
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      Guides and information about Learning and Student Information Systems in Aalto.
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      Email addresses you can send support and consultation requests, if you questions or if you'd like to have guidance on digital tools of teaching.