• Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • calculate workload for your course for both teacher and student

    During this module, your learning assignments are (4):

    1. Watch the video DL at the latest 31.5.2019

    • Unips-video: Workload 

    2. Reading task DL 31.5.2019

    • Familiarize yourself with given reading material which you can find below. 

    3. Course plan version 4.0 DL 31.5.2019 (submit your course plan v. 4.0 to Drop box for version 4.0. (Under the Topic left: Course plan: template and versions and drop box for versions 4.0 and Final)

    • Write the version 4.0 of your course plan and include students' workload as well as teacher's workload to it. Submit your plan v. 4.0 to Drop box for course plan v. 4.0 (Course plan: template and versions and drop box for versions 4.0 and final on the left).
    • This is the version your teacher is going to give feedback about DL7.6.2019.

    4. Case-working: Continue to create solution (20.5.-3.6.2019) for given case wrote by other group and add your solution video to case-discussion forum DL 3.6.2019 (peer groups and activities -> case working) 

    • Learning Materials for the theme: Workload

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      Read the chapters ”Time is an essential prerequisite for learning” (pp.9-13) and ”What is the real workload?” (pp. 13-18) In Give me time to think (Karjalainen, Alha & Jutila). https://www.oulu.fi/koulutuspalvelut/julkaisut_ja_materiaalit/erillisjulkaisut/give_me_time_to_think.pdf

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       ‘Time is not enough.’ Workload in higher education: a student perspective, Higher Education Research & Development, 33:4, 684-698, DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2013.863839.