Topic outline

    • Course plan template, versions and drop box for versions 4.0 and Final

      The versions of your course plan (v 2.0 - 3.0) are returned to the Course Plan -forum of your own peer group = Peer Groups  (on the left)

      Version 1.0 (pre-assignment)

      Version 2.0 DL 26.4.2019: As a pre-assignment, you have already written about the basic information and course connections on other courses. Continue the work by adding text to the following themes (see the course plan template): 

      • Course connections on programme level learning outcomes (you can use for example Table 1, see the course plan template)
      • Content (for example core content analysis)
      • Intended learning outcomes (including also skills such as group work, presentation skills etc.)
      Version 3.0 (DL 10.5.2019, peer feedback 13.-17.5.2019): To this version, add the following chapters and pedagogically justify your choices:

      • Assessment: methods, criteria, scale. Remember to justify your choices.
      • Teaching methods with justified choices.
      • Materials used during the course

      This is the version your peers are going to give peer feedback about (in your own groups' Course Plan -forum). 

      When you give feedback on course plans, you may use the following questions to guide your work:

      - Read the ILOs (intended learning outcomes) – are they written from the students’ perspective, do they state at which level ( e.g. Bloom taxonomy) student should be after the course?

      - Pay attention to constructive alignment: can you see the connection between ILOs, assessment and teaching methods, content, used materials?

      You can also comment on other parts of the course plan.

    • Version 4.0 (DL 31.5.2019): To this version, add the following chapters and pedagogically justify your choices:

      • Course workload (both from students and the teacher's side)

      -Is workload realistic taken the student group (bachelor, masters, Ph.D. students)? is the workload distributed evenly/unevenly? What might cause the perception of workload?

      • Educational technology
              -How do you use digital tools/platforms in your course (e.g. Wiki, MyCourses, Adobe Connect, A+, Rubyric, Presemo…). Give also justifications for using chosen tools.

      Please note! Use the drop box below!

      This is the version the course instructors will give their feedback about DL 7.6.2019.

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      Drop your course plan v 4.0 here, we will give facilitator feedback using Rubric. 

    • Version 5.0 = the final version (DL 14.16.2019): Adjust your plan according to the peer feedback and instructor feedback. 

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      • Course feedback

              •How & when & on what you give feedback to students
              •How & when & on what students give feedback to course teacher(s) and how is it utilized

      Submit your Final Course Plan to drop box below DL 14.6.2019