• Welcome to LC-1111 Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2 (1 ECTS)

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    This course introduces typical patterns for organising information within a text at macro level, such as topic sentences, problem-solution pattern, extended definitions, and approaches to comparing and contrasting information. You will also learn approaches to using connectors and complex-sentences to maintain readability of texts. At a micro level, the course also covers the common rules for using (or not using) articles (determiners, such as the/a/an) in writing.

    Unlike LC-1110, this course will involve much fewer interactive exercises and videos. Instead, LC-1111 emphasizes the writing process as well as improvement of your writing through peer and teacher feedback.

    For each week, you will independently study material, such as handouts, videos and/or interactive exercises that support the writing process of a short feasibility report. Although most feedback will come from the teacher, at one point (Week 3), you will exchange your text with another student to see what others are writing about and also to gain a peer’s reaction to your writing communication (peer feedback).

    Deadlines for the writing assignments:

    Each week ends Monday 23:55, unless otherwise stated.

    The new week always begins Tuesday 0:00 of that week.





    Writing Assingment



    16.4. – 22.4.

    Introduction to writing short reports


    WA1: Outline

    Approval of topic by teacher


    23.4. – 29.4.

    Describing the problem and solution (PSP)


    WA2: Problem-solution text: Introduction section

    Teacher feedback


    30.4. – 6.5.

    Defining technology/ concepts + Topic sentences (paragraphing)


    WA3: Definitions section (added to Introduction)

    Peer feedback via Forum


    7.5. – 13.5.

    (Compulsory) 4A. Evaluating the solution

     (Optional 4B: Use of Articles)

    WA4: Evaluation of solutions section (added to previous sections)



    14.5. – 20.5.

    Receiving feedback and revising report



    Teacher feedback face-to-face


    21.5. – 27.5.

    Revising report




    WA5: Final complete feasibility report (All other sections plus conclusion)

    Final grade on your report


    Course assignments and tasks

    Course description:

    - Completion of weekly online exercises

    - Assignments (60 %)

    - Course exam (40 %)


    Exercise modules (Tablet computers): 15 pts

    · Different stages of writing the feasibility report:

    o WA1 Outline 10 pts

    o WA2 Problem-solution text (intro) 10 pts

    o WA3 Definitions text + peer review (review 2 students’ texts) 10 pts

    o WA4 Evaluation of solutions text 15 pts

    o WA5 Final report: 40 pts


    In this course, we follow a writing process: you will write your report on your selected topic in sections, but most sections will be reviewed and rewritten. By the end of the process, you will have written a complete (but short) feasibility report which will include in-text citations as well as a References list.