Topic outline

  • The Sewing studio provides room and a variety of tools for patterning, cutting, sewing, product construction and fitting. You can use the Wardrobe’s products in your course work and performing arts productions, and costume care is easy in the well-equipped Laundry. The Dyeing studio is available for the dyeing and surface manipulation of products, as well as projects requiring a wet work area.

    For special equipment, it is possible to use the ARTS infra workshops (sign in to see the content).

    Ompelimo, yleiskuva ovelle päin

    The Costume Workshop is part of the Aalto Studios Workshops, providing you with easy access to the possibilities offered by the Set Design Workshop and Aalto Fablab The working environment and expertise of staff are particularly suited for the context of performing arts and the methods of digital work.

    Working times

    It is possible to work in the Costume Workshop on weekdays from 9 to 16 when the workshop master is present. Once you have received a work permit, you can work independently in the Sewing studio, Wardrobe and Laundry every day from 8 to 20. You can work in the Dyeing studio after completing the orientation on weekdays from 9 to 16. The Wardrobe is always opened on request.

    Please check the ongoing courses from the calendar on the Sewing Studio's door or ask the workshop master about available working hours. Courses and productions in accordance with the ARTS timetable are prioritised.