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  • Ako-E3020 Knowledge Management in Practice  (5 op)


    Learning journal is a short written essay where a student is expected to explicate what he/she has learnt and review and reflect his/her learning. Length of a learning journal is around 400-600 words. Please, list the used referenced at the end of the learning journal.

    Learning journals are scored using SOLO-taxonomy (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes, In their journals students' are expected to answer to the given question/topic and review the given topic from the perspectives introduced in the course material (lectures and given articles).

    0 point =

    Pre-structural - The task is not attacked appropriately; the student hasn't really understood the point and uses too simple a way of going about it.

    1 point =

    Uni-structural - The students response only focus on one relevant aspect.

    2 points =

    Multi-structural - The students response focus on several relevant aspects but they are treated independently and additively. Assessment of this level is primarily quantitative.

    3 points =

    Relational - The different aspects have become integrated into a coherent whole. This level is what is normally meant by an adequate understanding of some topic.

    4 points =

    Extended abstract - The previous integrated whole may be conceptualised at a higher level of abstraction and generalised to a new topic or area.


    Learning journal topics:


    Reflektoi jotain merkityksellistä ja omaan kokemukseesi perustuvaa tiedon johtamiseen liittyvää helppoutta/vaikeutta. Käytä luentomateriaalia ja artikkeleita liittääksesi kokemuksesi johonkin teoriaan tai tieteelliseen malliin (esim Bhatt G. (2002) Management Strategies for Individual and Organizational Knowledge. Journal of Knowledge Management, vol. 6 (1), 31-39.).