• HUOM! Announcement!

    The teaching for this course will be arranged as remote teaching most likely until the end of the course starting from 16.3. Please follow your e-mails and the MyCourse-platform especially on the days of lectures. Further info and instructions will be given.

    Opettaja / Teacher: Mari Saraheimo (mari.saraheimo@aalto.fi), vastuuopettaja/responsible teacher

    Opettaja/Teacher: on Wednesday 11.3. Iida Airasmaa

    Aika / Time: 9.3.-20.4.2020 ma & ke klo 17:00-18:30

    Paikka / Place: Kandidaattikeskus / Undergraduate centre Y228b (except on Monday 6.4. and on Wednesday 8.4. classroom Y228a)

    Kurssimateriaali / Course material: Suomen mestari 1, kpl 5-7 + opettajan materiaali

    Kirjallinen testi / Written exam: Tiistai / Tuesday 28.4.2020 16:00-18:00 TAI maanantai / Monday 1.6.2020 16:00-18:00 ATTENTION! The written exam will be supervised through Zoom. Remember to register by informing the office at avoin@aalto.fi that you are participating.