Osion kuvaus

  • Yleinen

    • Please email the person responsible for the machine you wish to use.

      • waterjet - santtu.teerihalme@aalto.fi
      • metal nc - santtu.teerihalme@aalto.fi
      • wood nc - mikko.ristimaki@aalto.fi
      • nesting nc - jari.simanainen@aalto.fi

      In the email, please describe your need and timeframe. Then, a suitable machine time will be found.

      To gain access to the building you need to make a booking in ARTS Infra Workshop Access MyCourses page.

      • OT14 Waterjet Cutter induction course is needed for getting access to the waterjet cutter in Väre buiding

      In this course a student will:

        • Familiarize her/himself about workshop spaces and equipment.
        • Learn important information about working safety.
        • Learn practicalities and rules about working environment and -methods.


      After finishing this MyCourses part of the course, contact the Technical Master of the workshop to set the final details to accomplish this course.

      At the moment this course is not optimised for mobile devises. It is recommended to use desktop or laptop computer at least for the Quizzes. Also, Google Chrome is not supported at the moment.

      Attention! In case you cannot see the navigation of this course on left hand side of this page, click the rectangular, white "list" button at the top left hand corner of this page. You need to follow the sections in order.