Topic outline


      A high-pressure jet of water, typically mixed with abrasive, produces the cutting. It will cut through almost any material.

      The process is very versatile and can be used for soft foam materials and hard steels and ceramics, excluding hardened glass.

      The cutting envelope: 2540x1397mm

      Table size: 3000x1650mm

      Maximum cutting height: 150mm

      Maximum cutting angle: 60°

    • Picture: The waterjet is located in K006 space in Väre ground floor

    • About the workshop

      ·         The Waterjet Workshop is a research and learning environment. The workshop offers students, researchers and teachers facilities, equipment and staff for the realization of prototypes, artistic functions and small series production.

      ·         The waterjet cutter is operated by a workshop master

      ·         A booking for cutting time is needed, and specific file type should be provided before when booking the time slot.

      ·         The Material for cutting is provided by the reservee