Topic outline

  • Here you can find a number of resources that directly or indirectly might be of use for you for completing your thesis.

    Please study this form before the first meeting, send it to your instructor (if applicable) and bring it with you to the meeting

    • Notification of thesis presentation for ELEC and SCI

    Roughly two weeks before your submission deadline you should have your thesis presentation. This is a public event and you have 15-20 minutes to present your work with 5 minutes for questions form audience. One week ahead of the presentation you should send your abstract to the instructor. Straight after the thesis presentation is completed fill in the appropriate presentation notification template and send it to the instructor.

    Writing clinic is a service which aims to support your writing process and help you improve as an (academic) writer

    Turnitin is a submission box where an originality report is generated of the submitted drafts and a you can receive feedback on your work in a rather comprehensive way.

    A paper on writing scientific papers. Even though it primarily focuses on scientific papers and not the theses it is an interesting read with a number of hands on tips. Worth a read before starting with your own writing.

    If you wish to write your theis in LaTeX you can find all the resources here.