Topic outline

  • This is the first exam of International Accounting (22E00400) 2021 based on lectures, textbook and any other material covered during the course. You have 90 minutes to finalize this online exam.

    There are three assignments in the exam. During the exam you shall follow academic ethical code. Well-grounded suspicions of cheating, including messaging with others during the exam or use of text written by others will lead to a rejection of the exam. 

    You can use the text book and other course material during the exam. You are not allowed to search material on the internet during the exam, copy materials from others, nor discuss (or use any messaging application) during the exam. DO NOT COPY-PASTE FROM SLIDES OR TEXTBOOK (NOR INTERNET).

    Bear in mind that the timing of the exam is tight. You will NOT have time to look everything up, but as in a normal exam, are expected to know and understand the content beforehand and conduct your own analysis and conclusion based on IFRS standards.

    If your exam does not start at 9am, please refresh your screen. 

    The limited time in the exam is taken into account in the grading.  

    I wish you all the best in the exam. 

    Nina Sormunen

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      Exam 3.6.2021, 9-10.30 Assignment
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