Topic outline

  • Writing a good academic essay (or article) requires a number of good choices, such as selecting an interesting area of research, setting the hook for the reader (by explaining why this is an important topic and why your particular angle/question is of great relevance to expand knowledge), critical sense-making of the literature (to decide what is ‘really’ important to take away from the prior literature related to your area of interest), selecting and/or developing a new angle (or framework) (to provide a rationale for missing pieces in the prior literature and for how your approach helps generate novel insights), and reflecting on and discussing the main implications of your work (to support future theoretical and empirical research). 

    The following selected articles are published in the Academy of Management Journal, the leading journal in business research, and should help you get a better feeling for how to craft an ‘exciting’ introduction, ‘critical’ literature review and ‘promising’ conclusion of your essay work. 

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