Topic outline

  • Welcome to BCS P06 workspace. 

    First online Zoom session: 08.30-11.30, Thursday, 29 October, 2020.
    We'll have our weekly F2F sessions (08.30-11.30, Thursdays) online using Zoom.
    I'll put the link on our workspace and send it to you by email a few days before we meet.

    Please note that all other course materials, including assignments and readings, are in the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the workspace. 

    SESSION 1: 29.10

    • Course overview: objectives, assignments, division into teams for groupwork
    • Communicating strategically
    • Assignment 1 (A1): case analysis, presentations, discussion
    • Analysis and discussion of student writing samples

    Preparation for session 2

    1. Read: Input 1, Communicating strategically, and Input 2, Persuasive techniques
    2. Prepare written request (A1).  Please have a copy of this ready to share in our online session
    3. Prepare your presentation strategy outline (A2a). Please have a copy of this ready to share in our online session


    SESSION 2: 5.11

    • Effective business writing
    • Getting the right rhetorical mix: Ethos, Logos and Pathos
    • Reviewing and editing your draft written requests (A1)
    • Fine-tuning your persuasive presentation strategy (A2a)
    • High impact introductions and conclusions

    Preparation for session 3

    1. Prepare for the A3a QUIZ. Read Input 3, Reader-focused business writing, and Input 4, Impactful and engaging presentations
    2. Write final version of written request (A1). Submit by 08.30, 12.11. 
    3. Finalise your persuasive presentation (A2). Be prepared to present on 26.09. Submit your strategy outline (A2a) to MyCourses by 08.30, 12.11


    SESSION 3: 12.11

    • A3a QUIZ to test knowledge of inputs 1-4
    • 6-8 minute individual persuasive presentations with peer feedback 
    • Final team presentations (A4): choice of topic

    Preparation for session 4 

    1. Start writing A5: critical appraisal of A2 and A4 (due 10.12)
    2. Prepare for in-class case (A3b) next week
    3. Prepare final team presentation: plan strategy  


    SESSION 4: 19.11

    • In-class written case (A3b / 20%)
    • Essentials of effective slide design
    • Preparation for next week's A4 team consultation sessions

    Preparation for session 5

    1. Continue preparing final team presentation and upload materials to MyCourses by midday, the day before your consultation with Mike: preview slide / structure of presentation, draft visuals, 3+ questions


    SESSION 5: 26.11 Consultation session with Mike

    • Team presentation consultation with Mike (25 minutes/team).

    • Schedule
      08.30: Group 
      09.00: Group 
      10.00: Group 
      10.45: Group 
      11.15: Group 
      11.45: Group 
      12.15: Group 

    Preparation for session 6

    1. Finalise team presentation


    SESSION 6: 3.12

    • Final team presentations
    • We'll probably divide the class into two sessions for these final team presentations:
      Session 1 (Groups 1-4): 08.30-10.30
      Session 2 (Groups 5-8): 10.30-12.30
      We'll make a final decision on this nearer the time.

    Submit your critical appraisal of BCS presentation performance (A5) by 08.30, 10.12