The schedule will still change due to restrictions on the space usage and changes that have happened in other courses.

    Course Content

    In this course you will:

    • Gain access to many of the workshops in Väre and recognize the possibilities they offer for New Media
    • Complete the orientation training to many of the Väre workshops
    • Learn the basics of CAD/CAM with Autodesk Fusion 360
    • Create a custom MIDI controller that will be a useful tool in many of the other classes throughout your studies


    Schedule. Click the link to get to the sheet.

    TUE 08/09/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac
    • Introduction
    • Schedule updates
    • What are the tools you need?
    • First look at Fusion 360
    • Access to Linkedin Learning

    MON 14/09/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    F009 Printlab
    G014 Mechatronics

    We will visit Printlab and hear about the possibilities there. Note that we start at 13:00!

    13-14:30 Printlab (entire group, probably not going to take that long)
    15:00–17:00 Mechatronics G014 (either all at the same time or group split into two, depending on how many people are there)

    Independent work:

    We will also visit the Mechatronics workshop and you will get a small soldering assignment.

    TUE 15/09/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    H001 Laser and Plastic
    K005 3D Print ja Cobolt
    L001 Metal Workshop

    Due to the restrictions on spaces, we need to split the group into two. Please sign up for the group by clicking here.

    Group 1
    13:15 3D Print (K005)
    14:30 Metal Workshop (L001)

    Sign up to the 3D Print workshop https://mycourses.aalto.fi/mod/scheduler/view.php?id=578916
    (mark yourself there starting at 1 PM)

    Group 2
    13:15 Metal Workshop (L001)
    14:30 3D Print (K005)
    Sign up to the 3D Print workshop https://mycourses.aalto.fi/mod/scheduler/view.php?id=578916
    (mark yourself there starting at 2 PM)

    MON 21/09/2020 | 15:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac
    • Fusion 360

    TUE 22/09/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac
    • Fusion 360

    MON 28/09/2020 | 15:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac
    • Fusion 360

    TUE 29/09/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    Zoom (join the call if you want to work together or ask Matti something)
    • Independent work (go do the laser cutting assignment, watch some of the Linkedin Learning video tutorials to learn more about Fusion)
    • Work on your Controller Box made with the laser cutter
    • Matti is also physically in Väre, in room J101 if you prefer meeting face-to-face
    • Or just join the Zoom call or hang out in Discord

    MON 05/10/2020 | 15:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac

    TUE 06/10/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    Zoom + Independent Work
    13-14 HOPS Clinic for New Media students https://aalto.zoom.us/j/65934573054
    14-17 Independent work Zoom link here: https://aalto.zoom.us/j/61467430423

    MON 12/10/2020 | 15:15–17:00
    M102 IT/Mac (the classroom is booked if you want to work there)
    Matti's has a bit of a sore throat, so just to be safe I'm staying home.
    • Zoom
    • Discord (Matti's Open Office Voice Channel + courses-itwasf text channel)

    TUE 13/10/2020 | 13:15–17:00
    No class, but Matti is available for tutoring on Zoom and Discord from 13-17
    Not mandatory to attend.

    MON 26/10/2020 | 15:15–17:00
    M102 We meet here first and divide the group into two. One part works with Fusion and the other with electronics in G014
    G014 Mechatronics: We continue working with the electronics of the controller

    MON 02/11/2020 | 15:15–17:00

    15:15-17:00 G014/F001
    Finish the electronics part of your controller
    Discussions on your idea for the final project.

    MON 09/11/2020 | 15:15–17:00

    Work on finishing your controller.
    Send a list of required materials to Matti. (plywood, acrylic etc.)

    MON 16/11/2020 | 15:15–17:00

    No class. Overlapping with Advanced Information Retrieval.

    MON 23/11/2020 | 15:15–17:00

    No class. Overlapping with Advanced Information Retrieval.

    MON 30/11/2020 | 15:15–17:00

    Work on finishing your controller.

    WORKSHOP WEEK | 9:15-17:00

    You can use this week to finalize your controller.

    Sign up for the DOM-E5039 Open Workshop, so that you have access to the school.

    WED 16/12/2020 | DEMO DAY

    Your documentation should be on our class project page or your individual project page for Demo Day

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Resources

    How to Book the Workshops in Väre

    Use this MyCourses booking system: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/view.php?id=26851

    Workshop Orientations in MyCourses

    The following workshop offer independent orientations that you can do through MyCourses. Choose the ones that you would need to work in and go through the online orienations to get access to the Workshops.

    All ARTS Workshop MyCourses Pages

    3D Print


    Open Photostudio E005

    Photography Studio E001


    Photography Darkroom


    Printlab: DIY Printing F008


    Printlab: F009

    Otakaari 7 (Aalto Studios)

    Aalto Fab Lab

  • You are entitled to an educational license for Autodesk Fusion 360. This page explains the process. You can use the computers in Aalto or your own laptop, but in both cases you will have to sign up for the education program.

    1. Go here https://www.autodesk.com/education/edu-software/overview
    2. Find Fusion 360 from the list and click "Get Started"
    3. Create a new Autodesk account with your Aalto email
    4. Once you have registered, start again from the link in the first step
    5. It will says something like "We still need to confirm your eligibility for educational access to Autodesk products."
    6. Click "Get Started"
    7. Fill out your information
    8. It will ask you to submit one of these:
      1. Transcript
      2. School-issued confirmation letter
      3. A copy of your student ID (photo ID not required)
    Please note that Autodesk offers lots of other software also for you to use for free.

  • Your task for this course is to create an enclosure for your Teensy Microcontroller. You can make the computer see your Teensy in different ways:

    • USB Mouse
    • USB Keyboard
    • USB MIDI Controller

    You will get the electronics parts for making the controller including a couple of potentiometers and switches.

    You can choose the way you want to do the controller. It can be either completely laser cut or you can combine laser cut and 3D printed parts. You can of course also work in the other workshops (metal, wood etc.) for additional parts of the controller. Some possibilities:

    • cut an aluminium panel with the waterjet cutter
    • print some stickers in the Printlab
    • 3d print some knobs for you potentiometers

    This page will have an updated list of resources to help you build the version with the laser cutter.

    Matti's Walkthrough of the Process

    Step 1: Figure out the kerf of the laser cutter

    [video missing]

    Step 2: Cut out some test pieces for the finger joints

    Step 3: Design the Box

    Arcade Button


    Step 4: Prepare the Files for the Laser Cutter

    How to do the offset in Illustrator:


    Videos Show Alternative Techniques:

    Completely parametric finger joints for the laser cutter:

    Another way of adjusting your files with the kerf compensation

    Playlist for creating a parametric enclosure in Fusion 360

  • Here you can find video tutorials and code for your keyboard/mouse/game controller/midi controller.

    Overview of the Final Result

    [video missing]

    How to Solder
    [video missing]

    How to Use the Crimping Tool

    What Should I Connect and Where
    Teensy Connections
    final board soldered, top view
    final board soldered, other view

    How to Install Arduino and Teensyduino

    How to make your Teensy into a USB keyboard

    How to make your Teensy into a USB mouse (a very awkward one)

    How to make your Teensy into a MIDI controller

    Here are some browser based synths that you can try out with your controller. Use Chrome, they don't work with other browsers.

  • Controller Overview

    1st Step: Create the basic snap fit case

    2nd Step: Add Mounting Holes for the Electronic Parts

    3rd Step: Prepare for 3D Printing in Cura

  • Guidelines

    You are expected to create an enclosure for the electronic parts that you got during the course. The electronic parts can be used to create a MIDI controller, custom USB keyboard, custom USB mouse, custom video game controller, or many other things.

    Design your own controller enclosure and use any of the workshops to fabricate it (probably mainly the laser cutter and the 3d printers, but feel free to use anything else that you have been able to get access to).

    You can follow the series of video tutorials that Matti is making to create just the basic version. Or customize it to your heart's content.


    See below what I'm expecting from you. Seriously, read it, all the information is there.

    Deliverable 1: Fusion 360 Design Files and resources

    • Create a folder called Final Project inside your project folder in Fusion 360. Check Matti's folder for an example if you are confused.
    • Add any sketches (pictures, drawings on paper, references) to this folder also. Especially if you want to get some feedback on them before you start working.
    • Move the Perma-Proto and Teensy 3.2 parts to this folder also to keep everything in one place.
    • Save all your design files of your final project into this folder.

    Deliverable 2: The actual controller

    • Your controller should be ready latest on Monday 14.12. so that you still have the time to submit the work to the Demo Day website. Demo Day is on December 16th.

    Deliverable 3: Documentation


    • Your controller should be ready latest on December 14th so that it still has time to be submitted to the Demo Day page. The final documentation can be submitted until Friday, December 18th.


    What is a MIDI controller?

    It's a device with knobs, slider and/or buttons that can be used to control all kinds of software (mainly audio production and performance software, VJ software etc.)