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      Project Proposal

      I have a little bit rethought how I’m expecting the project proposal from you. I’m not expecting a finished document on week 3. Instead, I would like all of you to create an online document (Google Docs, Microsoft Sharepoint ( or some other document you can share to me and keep on editing throughout the course. I should also have the possibility to add comments to it or edit it.

      Please create the first version latest on Tuesday, November 17.

      For the first version:

      • Some short thoughts on what you would like to explore and wok with
      • Some references (artworks/projects that are similar to what you would like to do)
      • Initial list of parts and components you think you will need

      I can then add comments directly to your document and you can keep updating it as the course goes on. Try to update it every week with some more details.

      Add the URL to your document here.