Topic outline

  • This section is going to give you an overview on what happens when and how.

    Read this in case you are not taking all courses from the Digital Fabrication course series. It is important that you take the Digital Fabrication I course that cover the Principles and Practices, and Project Management assignments. During the two weeks you are supposed to build a documentation website and learn to version control it with Git and GitLab. You have to gain a basic understanding of the GitLab CI (Continuous Integration) pipelines to use GitLab to automatically publish your repository as a website.

    The following structure is used for every weekly assignment.

    • Wednesday afternoon: Global lecture with Neil Gershenfeld
    • Thursday afternoon: Local lecture at the Aalto Fablab
    • The rest of the week: Individual work and ad-hoc instruction

    GitLab Issues will be used during the course as the main tool for announcing and evaluating weekly assignments. Each assignment will contain a list of learning outcomes and a checklist of tasks that have to be completed in order to pass.

    More information to follow once the official Fab Academy schedule is announced.