Topic outline

  • Course book:

    Norman, D. A. (2013). The design of everyday things (Revised and expanded edition). Basic Books. (Available through Aalto Library services)

    Personal Snack Box:
    PDF file containing the components, some instructions and where to purchase
    Purchasing of the components / tools is not required - just recommended. These are things you are likely to find useful later, in case you pursue a career in the field of electronics.


    Basics of C-programming 

    It is recommended to watch this on YouTube site, as the comment section has useful links to parts of the video. It is also recommended that you actually write the code! Arduino that we use in the course, is based on a variant of C, namely C++.


    Basics of electricity and electronics





    Resistance and Ohm's Law


    Watts and Electrical Power




    Using a Multimeter