• Reinforcement learning

    Important note for 2020

    The reinforcement learning course will be organized remotely/on-line entirely. The remote teaching events (lectures, TA sessions, etc.) will be organized according to the schedule announced for the course. We will use primarily Zoom and Slack for the interaction, with some extra tools still being under consideration.


    The course provides an overview of mathematical models and algorithms behind optimal decision making in time-series systems. The course focus is in optimal decision making and control, reinforcement learning, and decision making under uncertainty.

    Please join the slack channel to receive the latest updates and ask questions about the exercises. 

    Those who are active on Slack helping their peers can receive an extra 10% on top of the grade of each exercise. When joining the slack channel, please use your full name so that the grades are assigned correctly.

    Please read carefully the Setting Things Up and Submission Instructions document, also available on the Assignments page. The grading of the assignments will be done according to the document rules.