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    Welcome to the Translational Engineering Forum 2020!

    This course is led by Ivan Vujaklija (ivan.vujaklija@aalto.fi, Office F306, Rakentajanaukio 2)

    This year’s course will be conducted in an online format and will consist of lectures, exercises, and project work.

    Zoom, MyCourses, Google Docs, Jamboard and email will be main communication platforms, for the course, however participants are encouraged to utilize any other means of communication that they might find useful for supporting their own group work.

    All the handouts for the course will be uploaded in the Materials section of the page (on your left) according to the schedule. All video materials as well as Zoom links for the online contact sessions will be posted timely in the Course Forum (see below).

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    After successfully completing this course, the participants are able to:

      • Understand the process and requirements to convert basic research into innovative products and technologies
      • Apply the process of demand-based product development
      • Define core knowledge and skills needed to design multidisciplinary technical products
      • Design a concept for an electronic device and anticipate main challenges in the entity including SW/HW interfaces, EMC, assembly, and manufacturing
      • Identify processes needed for quality assurance in product development

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

      • Mid-course group report assessment (15%)
      • Group presentation (30%)
      • End-of-the-course group report assessment (15%)
      • Learning logs (20%)
      • Peer review (20%)

    Study Material

    The course is mainly based on lecture notes and handouts that will be made available on the course homepage.


    Recommended: basic design concepts, basics of circuit design, basic programming


    Lectures on Tuesdays 15:15-17:00 (partly live online sessions, partly uploaded content)

    Exercises on Thursdays 10:15-12:00 (live online sessions)

    TEF 2020 calendar timeline

    Preliminary schedule (may be subject to changes):

    1. Translational Engineering – Introduction and local examples (22/09)
      • Introduction to exercises (24/09)
    2. Engineering project management (29/10)
      • Management exercise (01/10)
    3. Regulations, standards and certifications (06/10)
      • Regulatory affairs exercise (08/10)
    4. Embedded electronic system design (13/10)
      • Embedded electronics and communication protocols exercise (15/10)
    5. Evaluation week (19/10 – 23/10)
      • Buffer time
    6. Software engineering (27/10)
      • SW & Signal Processing exercise (29/10)
    7. Mems and electronics integration (03/11)
      • Tear down exercise (time to be discussed)
    8. From research to business – Guest Lecture 1 (10/11)
      • Exercise contact session (12/11)
    9. From research to business – Guest Lecture 2 (17/11)
      • Exercise contact session (19/11)
    10. From research to business – Guest Lecture 3 (24/11)
      • Presentations, reporting and documentation (26/11)
    11. Concluding lecture (01/12)