Topic outline

  • Demola ( project work is a project course organized in collaboration with various industrial and academic partners. The project enables students to work in strategic foresight projects in multi-disciplinary teams. The project lasts roughly for two months and is organized according to a schedule, which is different from the Aalto periodic structure. The project involves foresight work, problem framing, concept development, demo building, and end-user validation. The course contributes to learning work-life skills as well as supports students to network with potential future partners / employers.

    The course is an option for ELEC graduate students who already have a good competence in their major.

    Evaluation: Pass/Fail 

    Applications: You need to apply through the Demola website ( and get accepted before enrolling to the course in Oodi.


    There are five theme topics under which students can find multiple projects to apply to:

    • Healing the Planet
    • Future of Work
    • Human Beings in the Modern World
    • Byte-powered Future
    • Value Creators of Tomorrow

    Application period for these projects is open until March 13th. Projects will start during the week starting on March 21st and end in May/ June, depending on the project. Check the details and apply on our website:

    Let's build positive futures together!

    With further questions, please contact