Topic outline

  • At the start of the course, all course participants will be sent an invitation to the Slack discussion forum.

    The primary communication channel in this course is Slack. Slack can be used to discuss the exercises, but keep the discussion sensible and avoid posting full solutions. For active participation in Slack, for example trying to answer other students questions or posting your own, you can be awarded up to 6 exam points (the earned points are based on the teachers' subjective evaluation of students' activity). For the teaching assistant to be able to estimate your activity,  when you join the channel, change the display name to your full name (please refer to this guide).

    All communication should be done using the channels available in Slack. If you have any questions regarding the exercises, the course or need help with anything else, please post your question to one of the channels and the teaching assistant will try and help you. Please don’t send personal messages to the teaching assistant on Slack, rather make them public, this way someone else can also benefit from the answer to a question that you have posted.