Topic outline

  • Group presentations session #1, March 5th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • Fermions, bosons and anyons
    • Ginzburg-Landau theory
    • Spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Ising model
    • Semiconductors, metals and insulators (Amresh and Laura)

    Group presentations session #2, March 12th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • Symmetry classification of superconducting orders 
    • Gauge theory
    • X-ray crystallography
    • Quasicrystals (Maryam)

    Group presentations session #3, March 19th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • Dirac and Weyl fermions in materials 
    • Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
    • First-principles electronic structure of real materials (Minh and Rouven)
    • Wannier wavefunctions and wannierization

    Group presentations session #4, March 26th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • The Kramers–Kronig relations
    • The Landauer–Büttiker formalism
    • Neutron diffraction in magnetic materials (Akseli and Kristian)
    • Magneto-optic Kerr effect (Seung-Goo)

    Group presentations session #5, April 30th 8:15
    List of topics:

    • The Jackiw-Rebbi soliton
    • Topological structures in real space: skyrmions
    • Mechanical topological insulators (Maryam and Rouven)
    • The topological laser

    Group presentations session #6, April 23rd 10:15
    List of topics:

    • Landau levels in complex space
    • Landau levels of the Dirac equation
    • The quantum spin Hall effect (Antti and Senna)
    • Pseudo-gauge fields in elastic membranes

    Group presentations session #7, April 30th 8:15
    List of topics:

    • Fractional charge in the Laughlin's wavefunction
    • Fractional anyon statistics in the Laughlin's wavefunction (Mika, Minh, and Vilja)
    • Noise spectroscopy and fractional charge in the fractional quantum Hall state
    • Anyon braiding in the fractional quantum Hall state

    Group presentations session #8, May 7th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • The d-vector formalism
    • The Josephson effect
    • Realizing Majorana fermions in real materials
    • Room temperature superconductivity in hydrogen-rich materials (Amresh, Kristian, and Seung-Goo)

    Group presentations session #9, May 14th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • The magnon transistor 
    • Antiferromagnetic magnonics
    • The Kitaev quantum spin liquid model
    • Toric code and quantum error correction

    Group presentations session #10, May 21st 10:15
    List of topics:

    • The linearized augmented plane wave method (Akseli, Antti and Senna)
    • The exchange correlation functional in DFT
    • Matrix-product state of the AKLT model
    • The area law and the entanglement entropy of MPS

    Group presentations session #11, May 28th 10:15
    List of topics:

    • Machine learning for quantum state tomography
    • Machine learning experimental data
    • Machine learning and the renormalization group (Mika and Vilja)
    • Restricted Boltzmann machines for many-body states