Topic outline

  • This will be a group work in which you will write a 4-5 pages introduction to a specific topic related with the course. The groups will be of 3-4 people.

    - Orbital-free density functional theory
    - Unconventional superconductivity (Kristian Arjas, Kaskela Vilja, Andersson Mika)
    - Computational materials database
    - Neural network quantum states
    - Static and time-dependent scanning tunneling spectroscopy (Senna, Antti Karjasilta and Amresh)
    - Gauge theory in quantum spin liquids 
    - Many-body localization and many-body scars 
    - Thermal quantum field theory and Matsubara formalism (Rouven, Maryam and Minh, Seung-Goo Kim)
    - The non-equilibrium Keldysh formalism
    - Kondo physics and heavy fermions

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