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      As a COO prepare to answer these questions: 

      1.describe how you were managing your team during this sprint?

      2. How online setting affected your COO work?

      3. how did you distribute the tasks?

      4. how you come up as a team with the topic for the venture? (for first COO debrief)

      5. did you face any challenges?

      6. what are you proud of as COO? what you would change?

      Before debriefing upload Lean Startup Canvas

      From sprint #2 and onwards COO will start to comment on his/her team members reflections in MyCourses

      The course will follow the concept of "Lean". Simply put, Lean can be thought of as an iterative process of trial and success/error (yes, sometimes there is a success!). The process was defined by Eric Ries. Let’s first find out what the Lean Startup is all about! (10 min)

      Lean Canvas template

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      COO guidelines were created by students from previous Startup Experience course. Please read it to understand COO's responsibilities. 

      Take into account of the changes due to social-distancing requirements. 

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      Instructions: COOs will take turns to fill in the Lean Canvas and make changes to the document as a way to develop and keep track of the changes to the project. 

      COOs will present the Lean Canvas at the COOs' debrief every sprint.