Topic outline

  • The course includes two type of sessions: Contact Sessions (Tuesdays at 9-12) and Case Study Sessions (Thursdays at 9-12). 

    Contact Sessions cover a specific weekly theme that is presented by a lecturer. You will familiarise yourself and discuss the theme already beforehand by reading a given material and discussing it in a preparatory Reading Circle with your group (see more below). After each Contact Session, you will also document your Personal Take-Home Messages to MyCourses. 

    Case Study Sessions are organised on Thursdays and most of the sessions include lectures focusing on frameworks and methods related to governance and its analysis. The sessions also include time to work on your Case Study with your group as well as time to discuss with your mentor. The sessions may also include some reading material, but no preparatory Reading Circles. You will, however, document your Personal Take-Home Messages also from those Case Study Sessions that include a lecture. 

    Please note that after selected sessions, the lecturer will be available for short interview with the Case Study group on their topic.

    Table below gives you a general overview for the Sessions and course timetable.

    Group Work: Reading Circles + Case Study

    The idea of the course is to learn and discuss together what water governance actually is and how it can be understood and analysed in different contexts. In order to facilitate such discussion, the course makes use of preparatory Reading Circles that combine individual learning (reading the given material) with group discussion (actual Reading Circles) and its reflection and synthesis (Reading Circle Summary + Personal Take-Home Messages). In this way, the course makes use of both flipped learning and peer learning. 

    Reading Circles are always related to Tuesdays' Contact Sessions and take place on Tuesdays at 9am-10am i.e. just before the Contact Session. For more information on Reading Circles, see information page below. 

    The group work during this course thus consists of two parallel processes: weekly Reading Circles as well as work on your Case Study: see figure below. As an Individual Assignment, all students are required to submit a Personal Take-Home Messages from each Contact Session (see below).  

    As the course builds on group work and discussions during the sessions, participation in the Contact Sessions and Case Study Sessions as well as Reading Circles is compulsory. You can miss one session: after that you have to compensate your absence with Personal Compensatory Task (see below).

    • Instructions on preparatory Reading Circles, including Reading Circle Brief as well as the roles of Chair and Secretary: read carefully! 

    • This document shows the estimates for the work hours of different tasks (theory + practice) during the course: read carefully to understand what is expected from you and where you should allocate your time to. 

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      Submission of Personal Take-Home Messages Forum
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      Every student must submit 2-3 Personal Take-Home Messages in bullet-points from all Contact Sessions and Case Study Sessions that include a lecture (exceptions: the first and last Contact Sessions). The sessions that you must submit Take-Home Messages are marked with blue stars in session schedule above.

      The Take-Home Messages should be short reflections on your main learning points from that particular session. The aim is to synthesise and reflect on the session's themes, and to put them into a context that is relevant for your own interests as well as your Case Study. They also allow us and the Guest Lecturers' to understand the key themes you have learned from the Sessions. 

      The Take-Home Messages will not be assessed, but you must do all of them to pass the course. 

      Submit your first Take-Home Messages to this Discussion Forum by starting a new discussion with title "MY NAME: Take-Home Messages" and then including your Take-Home Messages as built points as a text into the discussion. After that, add each new set of Take-Home Messages as a reply to your original discussion thread. 

      Note that your Take-Home Messages are visible for everyone. It is thus highly recommended also to read and comment other student's reflections! 

      Deadline: within the same week of each session i.e. by Sunday of that week. 

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      Personal Compensatory Task (compensating a missed session) Forum
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      In order to pass the course, you must participate in all Contact Sessions and Case Study Sessions as well as preparatory Reading Circles (as they form major part of learning and assessment in the course). You can miss one session: after that you must do a Compensatory Task.

      Compensatory Task means writing a Personal Synthesis (800-1000 words) on the topic of the session you missed. The Synthesis should be based on the session material (reading material + presentation), and it must include a summary of the topic as well as your reflection on it from your own view point. 

      Submit your Personal Synthesis to this Discussion Forum by starting a new discussion with title "MY NAME: Personal Synthesis on (topic)", and then including your reflection either as a text or as an attachment. 

      Note that your Synthesis is visible to all students in the course: you can thus also e.g. send its link to your group members.